Vision Boards in the Bible

This topic of vision boards is SO important!

I have really been praying about and considering how to address this topic because I didn’t want to seem harsh and critical, or on the other hand, leaning towards New Age philosophy.  But, part of my mandate from God in this new season is to RECLAIM His original intention with the healing arts and RESTORE the full truth about certain practices so that His children can REAP the insights and growth He provides for!

You know, when you take God out of His creation, out of the things He has declared over us, the world, and the universe, people end up replacing it with half truth and filling in the gaps with weird science.

So, when someone starts talking about “vision”, “goal-setting”, “writing it down”, “visualizing”, and “law of attraction” you can quickly get into that realm of weird science!  BUT, this arena does contain great truths, just many people have left God’s leadings out, whether through not knowing or learning from someone who didn’t know or even because they are seeking something purposely that doesn’t mention God.  Others, like you, are interested in what God is saying because you are feeling the familiar tug of the Holy Spirit telling you that there is something for you in making a vision board.

Consider this, for instance – God has instructed us to “write the vision down”:

“Then the LORD answered me and said,
“Record the vision

And inscribe it on tablets,
That the one who reads it may run.”
Habakkuk 2:2

This is the Christian’s imperative – RECORD the vision!

The word “vision” here is CHAW-ZONE and carries the meaning of that dream (whether a dream in the night or the leading of the heart), revelation, or word from God’s heart to you!


The word “record” comes from a word that means to write, but also to
bring together,
write down,

Wow!  Any method that we can “capture” in some sort of concrete way, that dream idea, is covered! What I think is really beautiful in this definition of “record”, is that it covers any method of learning style or preference in how one communicates or takes notes.  Doodling, art journaling, or simply the written word, fiber art, clay work, glass work, music, poetry, and anything else I have not mentioned – it is all embraced.

…that the one who reads it may run…
…for the vision is yet for the appointed time…
Habakkuk 2:2-3


The idea, the words, the images – need to be recorded so that YOU can see it and be reminded of it as time goes on.


Of course you could argue that this passage is talking about a prophecy about the end times, and that is true and is called “primary application” in Bible Study techniques.  Primary application means “what did it mean to the people/person it was written to”.  Still there is “secondary application” or “what truths are in this passage that can apply to me, in this present time”. In the context, the person who penned the words is having a conversation with God, asking Him to answer and God does, telling the author to write down what he is seeing/hearing because what is being revealed will take time to unfold.  We can take these truths to heart and apply them to our individual lives, especially when considering the things God has planted in our being and is revealing to us!

So, what is being taught as “vision boards” is truly a fulfillment of the exhortation in Habakkuk.


The seed of very dream, goal, and vision is found here – in the ancient wisdom of the Bible!


How to make a vision board. {Expressive Therapeutic Art Prompt}

You can do an online search for “how to make a vision board” and find all sorts of information – most is very similar and all are really simple.

Pictures that represent your dream, goal, vision – you can use any image: old magazines, photos, or
even your own artistic rendering.

You can include words, phrases, fabric scraps, map scraps, etc.

Objects that hold representative meaning for your dream, goal, vision

A piece of poster board, card board, or even wood to use as the base for your work. I am going to use
an old wooden clipboard, stacking my gatherings, but if I were going to glue the pictures
down on the surface, I would use a bigger base.

Glue, tape, clips, and/or staples – to adhere the images/objects to the base.

Gather your images and objects (if any) and arrange them on your surface till the design pleases you, there isn’t really any “right” or “wrong”.  Don’t adhere anything till you are ready. You can be as simple or elaborate in your design as you wish!  You might consider including your own handwriting in some way, too.  You are basically building a collage.

Let the glue dry (if necessary) and then display your completed project in a spot in your home where you will see it every day.

Add another dimension of meaning:
Journal in words what this vision board means and any new insights that have come to you as you created the finished product.  Keep your journaling in an easy to access place and add to it as fresh revelations come.

That’s it!  Easy, right?

In my next post I will delve a little more deeply into why God would want us to record and remember the things He has planted and revealed…

Leave a comment and include what dream, vision, or goal you believe God has placed inside you – I cannot wait to read it!  And even better – drop a picture of your dream board in the comment, too!

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