Recognize, Reflect, and Releasing Emotion Through Journaling

Recognize, reflect upon, and release intense emotion through these focused journaling techniques.

Journaling with images or words is a well known way to express, in a healthy ways, our inner beings. Journaling helps make connections, process life’s events and simply record what is important to us at the moment. Journaling is a vehicle of communication between our subconscious and conscious selves, and as such it can help reveal that which is somewhat obscured from our normal daily mental processes.

This particular episode covers four journaling techniques that help an individual uncover roots of turbulent emotional responses in their current life. It is important to follow the sequence of techniques as presented in the show…also, at the end of each technique, press “pause” on your BlogTalkRadio player as you write your personal journal segment for that particular technique, then press “play” to go on to the next technique.

It is helpful to “calibrate” you emotional stress before you begin the 4 techniques…what I mean is “on a scale of 1 to 10, how intense do I feel (name the emotion) right now,” with 10 being the most intense, and 1 not intense. Write your assessment in the upper right hand corner of your first page of journaling…then “recalibrate” after you finish technique 4…has there been any change? Are your feelings less intense?’

To open (and download) samples of these 4 techniques from my own notes, click here.

NOTE: you might want to have a timer handy for the journaling styles that have a suggested limit of around 3 minutes…this helps you from getting “stuck” in an intense emotion!

Blessings on your time and work!