Schedule a 30-minute “get to know you” call:

Let’s explore working together!

It’s easy to get started – we start with a 30 minute phone call during which you get to know me a little better and you can share the goal you want to achieve.   At any time you can decide to schedule more sessions or to navigate the journey you and I have mapped out on your own (yes, you will get action steps in those 30 minutes!).  There is absolutely nothing to lose!

To schedule that call, leave a comment on my facebook page, Cindy Fort@12 Tribes, after you complete the purchase for the time ($20.00 via Paypal – hit the “Buy Now” button below).

Feel free to contact me on facebook at any time!  I answer any questions there all day!  I would be so delighted to meet you!

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Scheduling your first 3 sessions:
It really takes time to make changes in our lives!  A minimum of 3 sessions gets you firmly headed towards your destination.  I like to schedule these sessions two weeks apart – giving you time to practice what you are learning and find areas we may want to adjust.  We will also stay in touch via emails, checking in on the “off” weeks.  That means you and I will be spending about 6 weeks together!   Of course this website offers a vast array of resources and my Facebook page is a place we’ll stay in touch (just be careful not to share confidential information in a public setting!)

Session One:
During the first session, we will explore in more depth the issue(s) you want to address, and formulate a preliminary map outlining the direction you need to go and what actions will best move you forward.

Session Two:
In the second session, we will assess the success of the actions, how far you were able to get on the path to your goals, and explore any new information we may need to incorporate into our map and “travel plans” that will help you on your journey.

Session Three:
Session three is a time of reflection and assessment of your journey to date.  We will determine if you wish to continue alone on your travels with the map we developed together or if you want me to continue as your guide.

Are you are ready to schedule your first 3 sessions now?  Simply click the button below and complete the purchase.  I will be in contact within 24 hours after payment is made to schedule those sessions at a time that works for both of us.

Please note:  after the sessions are scheduled, there are no refunds, and a 24 hour minimum notice is required to reschedule a session.  Your time and commitment are so valuable to the success of your journey!